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Setup Installer Software is a customized exe generating utility which solves your complex and time consuming software installation problem in few seconds. The main process moves around the idea of combining windows programs and data files into one entity and then converting it into a single executable file named ‘setup.exe’. The resulting "setup.exe" installation file, is very simple to generate and also very portable across windows platforms.

Compact setup installation utility has an attractive wizard driven GUI which does not require any prior programming language to operate upon setup creator software. The created professional looking setup is quite handy, easily affordable with simple setup generation functioning. Thus we provide you cost-effective setup builder software that effectively and efficiently produces the setup files of your computer programs.

In order to enjoy and utilize full features just order the advance Setup Installer Software online and get life time setup installation utility.

Software Features:
  • Customizable setup configuration: Windows setup installer facilitates user with liberty to add advanced features for professional look.
  • Dialog and Path support: Installation tool ensures full safety and security by asking from user to define save path for storing created exe at a secure location.
  • Registry details: EXE builder also avails you with key functionality like Sub key name, Sub key value, type and more.
  • Comprehensive Install and Uninstall support: User can install or de-install customized setup according to the need.
  • Minimized code size: Setup install maker gives you quick downloading of setup file for easy distribution and faster deployment.
  • Maintains originality: Setup software easily converts windows program into setup files maintaining same functionality of existing setup program.
  • Easily Understandable: Install creator tool helps you by giving graphical user interface so that you can easily learn the features and operability of setup generator software.