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Setup Installer Software

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Setup Installer Software creates self executable .exe file setups of windows applications for easy storage and deployment to end users.

Software Features:
  • Customizable setup configuration: Windows setup installer facilitates user with liberty to add advanced features for professional look.
  • Dialog and Path support: Installation tool ensures full safety and security by asking from user to define save path for storing created exe at a secure location.
  • Registry details: EXE builder also avails you with key functionality like Sub key name, Sub key value, type and more.
  • Comprehensive Install and Uninstall support: User can install or de-install customized setup according to the need.
  • Minimized code size: Setup install maker gives you quick downloading of setup file for easy distribution and faster deployment.
  • Maintains originality: Setup software easily converts windows program into setup files maintaining same functionality of existing setup program.
  • Easily Understandable: Install creator tool helps you by giving graphical user interface so that you can easily learn the features and operability of setup generator software.